22 CFR § 201.51 - Methods of financing.

§ 201.51 Methods of financing.

Under procurements subject to this part 201, the following methods of financing may be employed by USAID In each case, the method of financing shall be consistent with provisions in the pertinent implementing documents.

(a) Direct reimbursement. Upon presentation to USAID of the documents specified in § 201.52, a borrower/grantee will be reimbursed for the cost of commodities and commodity-related services procured by the borrower/grantee directly or procured by other importers with the authorization of the borrower/grantee, if such commodities or services are eligible under the implementing document and under this part 201 for USAID-financing.

(b) Letter of commitment to a bank. At the request of the borrower/grantee, USAID will issue a letter of commitment to a bank for a specified amount in dollars. Reimbursement to a bank will be in accordance with the terms of such letter of commitment for sight payments made for the account of an approved applicant. Any such payment by a bank made in anticipation of a letter of commitment and falling within the scope of payments authorized by such letter of commitment when issued, will be deemed to be a payment to be reimbursed by USAID thereunder.

(1) Requests for bank letters of commitment. All requests for bank letters of commitment shall be in the English language and shall be submitted to USAID by the borrower/grantee in duplicate. They shall contain the following:

(i) Identification of the loan or grant agreement;

(ii) The dollar amount of the letter of commitment;

(iii) The name and address of the bank to which the letter of commitment is to be issued;

(iv) The name and address of the approved applicant;

(v) The expiration date to be stated in the letter of commitment, which shall be not later than the final date specified in the implementing document for submission of documentation to the bank as a basis for disbursement against the letter of commitment, except that, if a terminal shipping date is provided in the implementing document, the expiration date shall be the last day of the month following the month in which the terminal shipping date occurs.

(vi) Identification of the items to be financed under the letter of commitment (including the Schedule B identification).

(2) Approved applicant's request to bank -

(i) Form and effect of request. An approved applicant may apply to the bank holding a letter of commitment for the issuance, confirmation, or advice of a commercial letter of credit for the benefit of a supplier, or may instruct the bank to make payments at sight to such supplier, or may instruct the bank to make payments at sight to or for the account of the borrower/grantee.

(ii) Borrower/grantee assignment under a letter of commitment. The borrower/grantee's request to USAID for a letter of commitment shall be deemed notification to USAID of assignment of any rights to receive reimbursement for the specified funds under the related implementing document. USAID, by issuance of the letter of commitment, shall be deemed to have consented to such assignment. Any such assignment or consent shall inure to the benefit of the bank's legal successors and assignees.

(iii) Requirements imposed by bank. The borrower/grantee and the approved applicant shall be deemed to have consented to imposition by the bank upon the beneficiary of any letter of credit or payment instruction of such requirements as the bank deems necessary in order to comply with its applicable obligations to USAID. Such consent shall be deemed an express condition incorporated in any request of the approved applicant under paragraph (b)(2)(i) of this section.

(3) Reimbursement of bank. Upon presentation to USAID of the documents described in § 201.52, USAID will reimburse the bank for any amounts paid by it in dollars to or on behalf of the approved applicant pursuant to a letter of commitment, subject, however, to compliance by the bank with the requirements of subpart H. Such documents in the normal course should be presented to USAID promptly. Bank charges will be eligible for reimbursement if authorized in the letter of commitment. Reimbursement normally will be made within 7 days by an electronic funds transfer.

(c) Bank charges under letters of commitment.

(1) To claim reimbursement for commissions, transfers or other charges, not including interest on advances, the bank shall submit the Voucher SF 1034 and shall attach thereto a copy of the payment advice which identifies the costs being billed.

(2) To claim reimbursement for interest on advances, the bank shall claim reimbursement on the Voucher SF 1034, attaching thereto:

(i) The monthly statement of advance account established under the letter of commitment, in duplicate, showing:

(A) The opening balance;

(B) The date and amount of each type of charge attributable to the letter of commitment, indicating the number of the letter of commitment, subsidiary letter of credit, or payment instruction or request under which the charge was made;

(C) The date and amount of each USAID reimbursement to the bank, indicating either the USAID bureau voucher number or the number of the letter of commitment, subsidiary letter of credit, or payment instruction or request under which the payment was made; and

(D) The closing balance;

(ii) The bank's monthly advice of charge, in duplicate, showing:

(A) The outstanding balance in the advance account on each day of the period covered; and

(B) The amount of interest charged during the period.

(3) Certification. Each claim for reimbursement shall have endorsed thereon or attached thereto a certification by an authorized representative of the bank that the charges for which payment is being claimed are in accordance with the schedule of charges agreed on between the bank and the approved applicant or beneficiary.

(4) Report. The bank shall submit a report showing the financial status of each letter of commitment issued to it by USAID. The content, format and frequency of the report shall be prescribed in the letter of commitment. The report shall be prepared in an original and two copies, and distributed as follows: USAID/W (original), approved applicant (copy) and cognizant Mission (copy). The report to USAID/W should be sent to the Office of Financial Management, Cash Management and Payment Division (M/FM/CMP), USAID, Washington, DC 20523-7702. The report shall be certified by an authorized signatory of the bank.

(d) Direct letter of commitment to a supplier.

(1) At the request of a borrower/grantee, USAID may issue a direct letter of commitment to a supplier assuring payment by USAID of specified amounts to cover the cost of commodities and commodity-related services. The letter of commitment to a supplier will identify the purchase contract to which it relates and the implementing document under which it is issued.

(2) Assignment may be permitted as provided for in the direct letter of commitment.

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