22 CFR § 201.61 - Meaning of terms in this subpart.

§ 201.61 Meaning of terms in this subpart.

(a) Class of purchaser means any group of purchasers which is separately identifiable and which is distinguishable from other purchasers on the basis of quantity purchased, distribution function or established trade practice.

(b) Commission. See § 201.01(h).

(c) Comparable domestic sale means any comparable sale not in export transactions.

(d) Comparable export sale means any comparable sale in export transactions.

(e) Comparable sale means any sale of or bona fide offer to sell the same commodity, or (in the absence of such a sale or offer to sell) any sale of or offer to sell a similar commodity which, with respect to the quantity, quality, grade, period of delivery, supply area, terms of sale, or class of purchaser, either:

(1) Is not sufficiently different from the sale being tested to result customarily in a price different from the price in the sale being tested; or

(2) Can be related to the sale being tested through application of a customary price differential. A sale which is otherwise comparable to another sale is not rendered noncomparable by virtue of its being made out of a free port or bonded warehouse. The fact that a sale is made out of a free port or bonded warehouse shall not cause that sale to differ from otherwise comparable sales with respect to terms of sale, supply area, or period of delivery.

(f) The date the purchase price is fixed means the date on which the parties agree on the price. If, however, the parties establish the price as of any other date which is subsequent to the date of such agreement and not later than the date of delivery, the term means such other date regardless of whether it precedes, coincides with or follows the legally effective date of the purchase contract.

(g) Export differential means the customary difference in price, if any, between domestic sales and otherwise comparable export sales.

(h) Period of delivery means the length of time between the date the purchase price is fixed or the date of the purchase contract, whichever is later, and the date by which delivery is to be completed.

(i) Producer means any person who grows, mines, manufactures, processes, or assembles a commodity in the form in which it is exported.

(j) Purchase price means the total amount which the purchaser agrees to pay or make available to or for the benefit of the supplier (including any person or organization designated by the supplier to receive such payment) for any commodity or commodity-related service which is wholly or partly financed by USAID.

(k) Representative of the importer means any entity affiliated with the importer by ownership or management ties, and any office or employee of such entity.

(l) Similar commodity means a commodity which is functionally interchangeable with the commodity in the sale being tested, and affords the purchaser substantially equivalent serviceability.

(m) Supply area means the source country, or if the commodity is customarily sold at different prices (exclusive of transportation costs) from different geographic areas within a source country, the specific geographic area within the source country from which the commodity is shipped to the cooperating country.

(n) Time of purchase means that period encompassing the date the purchase price is fixed during which prices in comparable sales remain substantially constant.

(o) Transportation cost means the cost of all transportation by land, sea, or air from the port of export to the destination in the cooperating country, plus the cost of marine insurance, if any, covering such transaction. Such costs are financed by USAID only to the extent provided in § 201.13.