22 CFR § 201.62 - Responsibilities of borrower/grantee and of supplier.

§ 201.62 Responsibilities of borrower/grantee and of supplier.

(a) Responsibilities of borrower/grantee. The borrower/grantee shall:

(1) When required by USAID, develop and periodically update, or cooperate with USAID in the development and updating of, lists of importers who have traditionally imported the commodities which may be purchased under the loan or grant. Such listings shall be by commodity groupings selected by USAID, cover all commodities eligible for financing, and, to the extent such information is available, show the names and addresses of all importers, regardless of the source from which their imports originated.

(2) Insure that the importer

(i) Procures in accordance with the conditions set forth in subpart C as applicable, and

(ii) Except as provided otherwise in § 201.22, pays no more than the lowest available competitive price, including transportation cost, for the commodity.

(b) Responsibility of supplier. In accordance with the provisions contained in the Supplier's Certificate, which the supplier must execute in order to receive payment, the supplier is responsible for compliance with the provisions of this subpart G, other than paragraph (a) of this section.