22 CFR § 201.72 - Making payments.

§ 201.72 Making payments.

(a) Collection of documents. The bank shall be responsible for obtaining the documents specified in subpart F and in the letter of commitment when making payment under a letter of credit pursuant to instructions of an approved applicant.

(b) Examination of documents other than Supplier's Certificate. The bank shall examine the documents (other than the Supplier's Certificate and the Commodity Approval Application) to be submitted to USAID in accordance with good commercial practice to determine whether such documents comply with the requirements of paragraphs (b) (1) through (7) of this section in the following particulars, and no other.

(1) Shipment. The documents submitted as evidence of the shipment of commodities under § 201.52(a)(4) shall be dated within the shipping period, if any, specified in the letter of commitment. The bill of lading shall contain the carrier's statement of charges whether or not freight is financed by USAID.

(2) Source of commodities. The documents submitted in connection with the claim for reimbursement on commodities may not indicate that the source of the commodities is inconsistent with the USAID geographic code designation contained in the letter of commitment.

(3) Destination. The documents submitted shall indicate that the destination of the commodities, by shipment, transshipment, or reshipment, is the cooperating country named in the letter of commitment.

(4) Description. The documents shall describe and identify the commodities or services in a manner which, according to good commercial practice, is not inconsistent with the description contained in the letter of credit or payment instructions issued under a letter of commitment. The bank shall not be required to determine whether the supplier's invoice meets the detailed requirements of § 201.52(a)(2)(i).

(5) Discounts and purchasing agents' commissions. If the documents disclose that the invoice price includes either discounts or commissions payable to purchasing agents, the bank shall not make payment of such discounts and commissions. In the absence of such information, however, the bank shall not be required to make independent inquiry as to whether the invoice price includes such items.

(6) Certifications. Each supplier's invoice presented for payment shall contain such other certifications as may be required in the letter of commitment. The bank shall accept only certifications which, to the best of its knowledge and belief, have been signed by hand.

(7) Other requirements. The documents submitted shall contain such other information as required by the letter of commitment, except that the bank shall have responsibility in this regard only to the extent specifically indicated in the letter of commitment.

(c) Acceptance of certificates. A bank shall not accept for submission to USAID the original of the Supplier's Certificate, or the Commodity Approval Application, unless, to the best knowledge and belief of the bank, each such original has been signed by hand by the supplier and the Commodity Approval Application has been countersigned by USAID.