22 CFR 208.870 - When do I know if the debarring official debars me?

§ 208.870 When do I know if the debarring official debars me?
(a) The debarring official must make a written decision whether to debar within 45 days of closing the official record. The official record closes upon the debarring official's receipt of final submissions, information and findings of fact, if any. The debarring official may extend that period for good cause.
(b) The debarring official sends you written notice, pursuant to § 208.615 that the official decided, either—
(1) Not to debar you; or
(2) To debar you. In this event, the notice:
(i) Refers to the Notice of Proposed Debarment;
(ii) Specifies the reasons for your debarment;
(iii) States the period of your debarment, including the effective dates; and
(iv) Advises you that your debarment is effective for covered transactions and contracts that are subject to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (48 CFR chapter 1), throughout the executive branch of the Federal Government unless an agency head or an authorized designee grants an exception.
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