22 CFR § 214.43 - Agency records.

§ 214.43 Agency records.

(a) The A.I.D. Advisory Committee Management Office maintains the Agency's Official central files on the nature functions, and operations of each A.I.D. advisory committee. Central files contain the following information with respect to each A.I.D. advisory committee:

(1) Original copy of Advisory Committee Charter filed with the Administrator;

(2) Official records copy of formal determinations by the A.I.D. Administrator with respect to the establishment renewal, operation, and termination of the committee;

(3) Annual reports of committee activity;

(4) Designations of Advisory Committee Representatives;

(5) Location of the official files of the Advisory Committee.

(b) Each A.I.D. Advisory Committee Representative maintains individual advisory committee files at a location known to the A.I.D. Advisory Committee Management Officer. These files contain the following information:

(1) Copies of documents establishing, renewing, and terminating the committee;

(2) Copies of committee charters filed with the A.I.D. Administrator;

(3) Fiscal records which fully disclose the disposition of any funds made available to the committee;

(4) Advisory committee records described above in § 214.36(b) (i.e., the reports, transcripts, minutes, appendices, and other documents which were made available to, or prepared for or by, the committee).

(c) The A.I.D. Advisory Committee Management Officer, the A.I.D. Auditor General, the OMB Secretariat, and the Comptroller General shall have access to these records.

(d) Personnel documentation required by CSC and Agency regulations shall be maintained in the official personnel records of the Office of Personnel and Manpower.