22 CFR § 502.3 - Availability of program materials on public Web sites.

§ 502.3 Availability of program materials on public Web sites.

(a) The Agency makes program materials available to Requestors through the Agency's news and information Web sites designed for foreign audiences. To access currently-available Agency program materials, please visit www.voanews.com and www.martinoticias.com. The homepages of these Web sites display a portion of the Agency's most recent news reporting. Additional program materials are available through the Web sites' search functions.

(b) Program materials are available on Agency Web sites, and may be removed from Agency Web sites solely at the Agency's discretion. The Agency will remove program materials from Agency Web sites when a National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) records schedule goes into effect, or when required by licensing agreements with third-party copyright holders. Once these program materials have been removed from Agency Web sites, they are no longer available from the Agency.

(1) When full programs are removed from the Agency's Web sites in accordance with a NARA records schedule, programs designated as permanent will be transferred to NARA. For information on how to request Agency program materials that have been transferred to NARA, see the Agency's records schedules and NARA's regulations at www.nara.gov.

(2) Programs designated as temporary under a NARA records schedule will not be retained by the Agency once they are removed from the Agency's Web sites and are no longer needed for the Agency's use.

(c) Segments incorporated into final programs, including music, interviews, reports, and other program elements, will not be transferred to NARA independently of full program recordings, and will not be available after they have been removed from Agency Web sites.

(d) Draft program materials, and any other program materials not selected for dissemination abroad, are not available.

(e) The Agency shall determine the method of making program materials available, as well as the file type, file format, resolution, and storage medium(s) that are available. Program materials are only available in the same form (i.e. radio or television file-type and file format) and language in which the Agency disseminated them abroad.

[78 FR 39585, July 2, 2013, as amended at 78 FR 67026, Nov. 8, 2013]

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