22 CFR § 502.7 - Denial of requests.

§ 502.7 Denial of requests.

(a) The Agency reserves the right to deny any request for program materials made pursuant to these regulations for cause, including but not limited to the following circumstances:

(1) For a Requestor's failure to comply with the Terms of Use on Agency Web sites;

(2) For a Requestor's failure to secure necessary rights and licenses to use third-party copyrighted materials when the Requestor uses Agency program materials in any way not explicitly permitted by the Copyright Act of 1976, as amended;

(3) When the Agency's distribution of program materials is restricted by an agreement with a third-party that holds a copyright in a portion of Agency program materials;

(4) If providing the requested materials would be inconsistent with the Agency's statutory authorities, the broadcasting element's charter, or any applicable law or regulation.

(b) For more information on the criteria for accepting or denying requests, please see the Agency's policy for domestic distribution, available at www.bbg.gov.