22 CFR § 62.43 - Extension of Program.

§ 62.43 Extension of Program.

(a) Responsible officers may extend an exchange visitor's participation in the Exchange Visitor Program up to the limit of the permissible period of participation authorized for his or her specific program category.

(b) A responsible officer extending the program of an exchange visitor shall issue to the exchange visitor a duly executed Form DS-2019 reflecting such extension and provide a notification copy of such form to the Department of State.

(c) The responsible officer seeking a program extension on behalf of an exchange visitor in excess of that authorized for his or her specific category of participation shall:

(1) Adequately document the reasons which justify such extension; and

(2) Secure the prior written approval of the Department of State for such extension.

(d) In addition to individual requests, the Department of State shall entertain requests for groups of similarly situated exchange visitors.