22 CFR § 63.5 - Grants to foreign participants to study.

§ 63.5 Grants to foreign participants to study.

A citizen or national of a foreign country who has been awarded a grant to study may be entitled to any or all of the following benefits when authorized by the Agency:

(a) Transportation. Accommodations, as authorized, on steamship, airplane, railway, or other means of conveyance. For travel in a privately owned vehicle, reimbursement will be accordance with the provisions of the Federal Travel Regulations.

(b) Excess baggage. Excess baggage as deemed necessary by the Agency.

(c) Per diem allowance. Per diem allowance in lieu of subsistence expenses while traveling (1) from point of entry in the United States, its territories or possessions to orientation centers and while in attendance at such centers for purposes of orientation, not to exceed 30 days, (2) to educational institutions of affiliation, and (3) to point of departure and while participating in authorized field trips or conferences, shall be established by the Secretary of State from time to time, within limitations prescribed by law.

(d) Allowances.

(1) A maintenance allowance while present and in attendance at an educational institution, facility or organization, and

(2) A travel allowance in lieu of per diem while traveling to and from the United States may be established by the Secretary of State, within limitations prescribed by law.

(e) Tuition. Tuition and related fees for approved courses of study.

(f) Books and educational materials allowance. A reasonable allowance for books and educational materials.

(g) Tutoring assistance. Special tutoring assistance in connection with approved courses of study.

(h) Advance of funds. Advance of funds including per diem.