22 CFR § 65.1 - Regulations to be drafted.

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§ 65.1 Regulations to be drafted.

Subject to the provisions and requirements of this part, appropriate administrative regulations shall be drafted by each executive department or agency of the Government which maintains and administers educational institutions and schools coming within the scope of the legislation. Such regulations shall carefully observe the limitations imposed by the Act of June 24, 1938, and shall in each case include:

(a) A list of the institutions and courses in the department or agency concerned in which instruction is available under the terms of the legislation.

(b) A statement of the maximum number of students of the other American republics who may be accommodated in each such institution or course at any one time.

(c) A statement of the qualifications to be required of students of the other American republics for admission, including examinations, if any, to be passed.

(d) Provisions to safeguard information that may be vital to the national defense or other interests of the United States.