22 CFR § 713.8 - If my request is granted, what fees apply?

§ 713.8 If my request is granted, what fees apply?

(a) Generally. You must pay any fees associated with complying with your request, including copying fees for records and witness fees for testimony. The Vice-President/General Counsel may condition the production of records or appearance for testimony upon advance payment of a reasonable estimate of the fees.

(b) Fees for records. You must pay all fees for searching, reviewing and duplicating records produced in response to your request. The fees will be the same as those charged by DFC under its Freedom of Information Act regulations, 22 CFR Part 706, Subpart B, § 706.26.

(c) Witness fees. Your must pay the fees, expenses, and allowances prescribed by the court's rules for attendance by a witness. If no such fees are prescribed, the local federal district court rule concerning witness fees, for the federal district court closest to where the witness appears, will apply. For testimony by current DFC employees, you must pay witness fees, allowances, and expenses to the Vice-President/General Counsel by check made payable to the “US International Development Finance Corporation” within 30 days from receipt of DFC's billing statement. For the testimony of a former DFC employee, you must pay witness fees, allowances, and expenses directly to the former employee, in accordance with 28 U.S.C. 1821 or other applicable statutes.

(d) Certification of records. DFC may authenticate or certify records to facilitate their use as evidence. If you require authenticated records, you must request certified copies at least 45 days before the date they will be needed. Send your request to the Vice-President/General Counsel. DFC will charge you a certification fee of $5.00 per document.

(e) Waiver of fees. A waiver or reduction of any fees in connection with the testimony, production, or certification or authentication of records may be granted in the discretion of the Vice-President/General Counsel. Waivers will not be granted routinely. If you request a waiver, your request for records or testimony must state the reasons why a waiver should be granted.

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