22 CFR 8.10 - Reports.

§ 8.10 Reports.
(a) There are two categories of reports on advisory committees. One category is concerned with management and the other with advisory activities.
(b) Management reports include:
(1) Comprehensive Review. An annual review shall be conducted on a calendar year basis to determine the essentiality of the committee. The results of that Review are included in the Annual Report. The due date is October 1.
(2) Annual Report. A calendar year report which covers the status of the committee. It is a component report for the President's annual report to the Congress. The due date is December 31.
(3) Report of Closed Meeting(s). A summary of the activities and related matters discussed by a committee during a closed meeting shall be prepared annually. It is to be as informative as possible for the public consistent with section 552(b) policy of the Freedom of Information Act.
(4) Other reports. Other management reports that may be required, such as requests from the Office of Management and Budget, Congressional Committees, et cetera, will be submitted in accordance with the requested due date.
(c) Advisory activities reports are reports issued by the committee. They are to be submitted, when prepared in final as a committee document or published, on a current basis.
(d) All reports are submitted to the Advisory Committee Management Officer.
(1) The Comprehensive Review is signed by the responsible committee officer and approved by the bureau/office policy making officer. It is submitted in original only.
(2) The Annual Report will be prepared on Standard Forms 248 and 249 in original and one copy. (Instructions for preparation are printed on the back of the forms.)
(3) The Report of Closed Meeting(s) is signed by the committee chairman and submitted in original and 8 copies.
(4) The Advisory activities reports are submitted in 9 copies each, except Presidential advisory committee reports are submitted in 12 copies.
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