22 CFR 8.8 - Chartering of committees.

§ 8.8 Chartering of committees.
(a) Requirements.
(1) Each advisory committee, whether established or utilized, must have a charter approved by the Deputy Under Secretary of State for Management and filed with the Advisory Committee Management Officer, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House Committee on International Relations, and in the case of a Presidential advisory committee only with the Committee Management Secretariat of OMB before it can hold a meeting.
(2) Formal subgroups may be chartered separately or the requisite information set forth in the charter of the parent committee.
(3) Informal subgroups may not require a charter; however, the charter of the parent committee must cover this aspect of its organization.
(4) The Advisory Committee Management Officer will, at the time a charter is filed, furnish a copy of the filed charter to the Library of Congress.
(b) Contents. Each committee charter shall contain: The official name and acronym, if any; the objectives, scope of activity, and full description of duties; the authority for such functions; the Department official (by title) to whom the committee reports; the relationship to or with other committees; the committee organization, composition of membership and officers' responsibilities; a description of the type of minutes, with their certification of accuracy, and records to be maintained; the estimated annual operating costs in dollars and man-years, and the source and authority for these resources; the period of time that will be required by the committee to accomplish its stated purpose; the estimated number and frequency of meetings; the termination date; and the filing date of the charter.
(c) Termination and Renewal.
(1) An existing advisory committee will be automatically terminated at the end of a 2-year period (i.e., date specified in charter) unless its charter is renewed, except for a statutory committee which has provisions providing to the contrary.
(2) The Deputy Under Secretary for Management will make a determination, based on a comprehensive review, whether or not a committee will be continued.
(3) The OMB Secretariat will be advised of the determination and reasons therefore 60 days prior to the charter expiration date of the committee. If the Secretariat concurs, the Advisory Committee Management Officer will publish in the Federal Register the Department's intent to continue those advisory committees so designated by the Deputy Under Secretary for Management.
(4) Each office responsible for an advisory committee it wishes to continue will prepare a new charter and submit it to the Advisory Committee Management Officer before October 1 biennially.
(5) No advisory committee shall meet, advise or make recommendations between the expiration date of its charter and the date its new charter is filed.
(d) Amendments.
(1) The charter of a committee may be amended, as necessary, to reflect current information on organization, composition, activities, et cetera.
(2) A proposed amendment must be approved prior to any committee activity to which the proposed amendment relates.
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