22 CFR § 903.4 - Participation of exclusive representative.

§ 903.4 Participation of exclusive representative.

(a) Upon the initiation of a case, the executive secretary shall ascertain from the Agency, the grievant/charged employee and any labor organization which has been certified as the exclusive representative of employees of the Agency, whether the relevant position occupied by the grievant/charged employee is part of the bargaining unit for which the labor organization is the exclusive representative. If a substantial dispute exists as to whether that position is part of the bargaining unit, and if the Board determines that resolution of that dispute is necessary for determining the status of the labor organization in a case, the Board shall notify the parties and the labor organization, who may request the Foreign Service Labor Relations Board to make a final determination of that dispute. If the Foreign Service Labor Relations Board determines that the grievant or charged employee is a member of a bargaining unit represented by an exclusive representative, the executive secretary shall promptly send a copy of the papers filed with the Board to the exclusive representative.

(b) The exclusive representative has the right to intervene as a party to the case if such exclusive representative gives timely notice to the Board in writing of its decision to intervene as a party. Notice shall be considered to be timely if given prior to or at the prehearing conference, or, in a case to be decided under part 907 of this chapter, if given within 10 days of receipt of a notice from the Board of the Board's intent to close the record of proceedings.

(c) An exclusive representative which has not intervened under paragraph (b) of this section may be permitted to intervene as a party upon written application. In ruling upon the application, the Board shall consider whether granting the application will unduly delay or prejudice the adjudication of the rights of the original parties, and may place conditions on the exclusive representative's participation to avoid such delay or prejudice.

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