22 CFR § 906.5 - Prehearing conferences.

§ 906.5 Prehearing conferences.

(a) The Board may in its discretion order a prehearing conference of the parties (which may be presided over by any member) for the purpose of considering:

(1) Simplification or clarification of the issues;

(2) Serving of interrogatories;

(3) Stipulations, admissions, agreements on documents, matters already on record, or similar agreements which will avoid the necessity of proving facts or issues not in dispute;

(4) Identification of witnesses the parties may wish to call and the intended scope of their testimony; limitation on the number of witnesses; and arrangement for the appearance of witnesses;

(5) Avoidance of irrelevant, immaterial, or unduly repetitive testimony;

(6) The possibility of disposition of the case through agreement;

(7) The order of presentation at the hearing and the allocation of the burden of proof; and

(8) Such other matters as may aid in the disposition of the case.

(b) The parties authorized to attend the hearing may attend the prehearing conference.

(c) The results of the conference shall be summarized in writing by the Board and made a part of the record of proceedings. Copies of the summary shall be sent to the parties. The parties may submit comments or corrections on the summary.

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