22 CFR § 906.6 - Powers of presiding member.

§ 906.6 Powers of presiding member.

In connection with the hearing, the presiding member shall, as appropriate:

(a) Fix the time and place of the hearing;

(b) Order further conferences;

(c) Regulate the course of the hearing;

(d) Administer oaths and affirmations;

(e) Dispose of procedural requests and similar matters;

(f) Rule on admissibility of testimony and exhibits;

(g) Exclude any person from the hearing for behavior that obstructs the hearing;

(h) Authorize and set the time for the filing of briefs or other documents;

(i) Grant continuances and extensions of time;

(j) Reopen the record;

(k) Take any other action in the course of the proceedings consistent with the purpose of this part.

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