22 CFR § 92.33 - Execution of certificate of acknowledgment.

§ 92.33 Execution of certificate of acknowledgment.

(a) When certificate should be executed. A notarizing officer should execute a certificate of acknowledgment immediately after the parties to the instrument have made their acknowledgment. Allowing several days or weeks to elapse between the time the acknowledgment is made and the certificate executed is undesirable, even though the officer may remember the acknowledgment act.

(b) Venue. The venue must be shown as prescribed in § 92.14.

(c) Date. The date in the certificate must be the date the acknowledgment was made. This is not necessarily the same as the date the instrument was executed. In fact, there is no reason why an instrument may not be acknowledged a year or more after the date of its execution, or at different times and places by various grantors.

(d) Names of parties. The name or names of the person or persons making the acknowledgment should appear in the certificate in the same form as they are set out in the acknowledged document, and in the same form as their signature on the instrument.

(e) Additional statements. When executing a certificate of acknowledgment on Form FS-88, the notarizing officer may include any necessary additional statements in the blank space below the body of the certificate.

(f) Signing and sealing certificate. The certificate of acknowledgment shall be signed and sealed as prescribed in §§ 92.15 and 92.16.

[22 FR 10858, Dec. 27, 1957, as amended at 60 FR 51723, Oct. 3, 1995]