22 CFR Chapter XIV, Appendix A to Chapter XIV - Current Addresses and Geographic Jurisdictions

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Appendix A to Chapter XIV—Current Addresses and Geographic Jurisdictions
(a) The Office address of the Board is as follows:
1900 E Street, NW., Room 7469, Washington, DC 20424. Telephone: Office of Executive Director, FTS—254-9595; Commercial—(202) 254-9595. Office of Operations, FTS—254-7362; Commercial—(202) 254-7362
(b) The Office address of the General Counsel is as follows:
1900 E Street, NW., Room 7469, Washington, DC 20424. Telephone: FTS—632-6264; Commercial—(202) 632-6264
(c) The Office address of the Chief Administrative Law Judge is as follows:
1111 20th Street, NW., Room 416, Washington, DC 20036. Telephone: FTS—653-7375; Commercial—(202) 653-7375
(d) The Office addresses of Regional Directors of the Authority are as follows:
(1) Boston Regional Office, 441 Stuart Street, 9th Floor, Boston, MA 02116. Telephone: FTS—223-0920; Commercial—(617) 223-0920
(2) New York Regional Office, 26 Federal Plaza, Room 241, New York, NY 10278. Telephone: FTS—264-4934; Commercial—(212) 264-4934
(i) Philadelphia Sub-Regional Office, 325 Chestnut Street, Mall Building, Room 5000, Philadelphia, PA 19106. Telephone: FTS—597-1527; Commercial—(215) 597-1527
(3) Washington Regional Office, 1133 15th Street, NW., Suite 300, Washington, DC 20005. Telephone: FTS—653-8452; Commercial—(202) 653-8452
(4) Atlanta Regional Office, 1776 Peachtree Street, NW., Suite 501, North Wing, Atlanta, GA 30309. Telephone: FTS—257-2324; Commercial—(404) 881-2324 or 881-2325
(5) Chicago Regional Office, 175 W. Jackson Blvd., Suite 1359-A, Chicago, IL 60604. Telephone: FTS—886-3468 or 886-3469; Commercial—(312) 353-6306
(i) Cleveland Sub-Regional Office, 1301 Superior Avenue, Suite 230, Cleveland, OH 44114. Telephone: FTS—293-2114; Commercial—(216) 522-2114
(6) Dallas Regional Office, Downtown Post Office Station, Bryan and Ervay Streets, P.O. Box 2640, Dallas, TX 75221. Telephone: FTS—729-4996; Commercial—(214) 767-4996
(7) Kansas City Regional Office, City Center Square, 1100 Main Street, Suite 680, Kansas City, MO 64105. Telephone: FTS—758-2199; Commercial—(816) 374-2199
(i) Denver Sub-Regional Office, 1531 Stout Street, Suite 301, Denver, CO 80202. Telephone: FTS—327-5224; Commercial—(303) 837-5224
(8) Los Angeles Regional Office, 350 So. Figueroa Street, 10th Floor, World Trade Center, Los Angeles, CA 90071. Telephone: FTS—798-3805; Commercial—(213) 688-3805
(i) Honolulu Sub-Regional Office, Room 3206, 300 Alamoana Blvd., Honolulu, Hawaii 96850. Telephone: FTS—556-0220 through San Francisco FTS Operator; Commercial—(808) 546-8355
(9) San Francisco Regional Office, 530 Bush Street, Room 542, San Francisco, CA 94108. Telephone: FTS—556-8105; Commercial—(415) 556-8105
(e) The Office address of the Panel is as follows: