22 CFR Part 231, Appendix A to Part 231 - Application for Compensation

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Appendix A to Part 231—Application for Compensation
United States Agency for International Development
Washington, DC 20523
Ref: Guarantee dated as of ___, 20__:
You are hereby advised that payment of $____ (consisting of $____ of principal, $____ of interest and $____ in Further Guaranteed Payments, as defined in § 231.02(f) of the Standard Terms and Conditions of the above-mentioned Guarantee) was due on ______, 20__, on $____ principal amount of Notes issued by the Arab Republic of Egypt (the “Borrower”) held by the undersigned. Of such amount $____ was not received on such date and has not been received by the undersigned at the date hereof. In accordance with the terms and provisions of the above-mentioned Guarantee, the undersigned hereby applies, under § 231.08 of said Guarantee, for payment of $____, representing $____, the Principal Amount of the presently outstanding Note(s) of the Borrower held by the undersigned that was due and payable on ____ and that remains unpaid, and $____, the Interest Amount on such Note(s) that was due and payable by the Borrower on ____ and that remains unpaid, and $____ in Further Guaranteed Payments, 1 plus accrued and unpaid interest thereon from the date of default with respect to such payments to and including the date payment in full is made by you pursuant to said Guarantee, at the rate of __% per annum, being the rate for such interest accrual specified in such Note. Such payment is to be made at [state payment instructions of Noteholder].

1 In the event the Application for Compensation relates to Further Guaranteed Payments, such Application must also contain a statement of the nature and circumstances of the related loss.

All capitalized terms herein that are not otherwise defined shall have the meanings assigned to such terms in the Standard Terms and Conditions of the above-mentioned Guarantee.
[Name of Applicant]

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