23 CFR 1250.3 - Policy.

§ 1250.3 Policy.
To assure that the provisions of 23 U.S.C. 402(b)(1)(C) are complied with, the NHTSA and FHWA field offices will:
(a) Prior to approving the State's Annual Work Program (AWP), review the AWP and each of the subelement plans which make up the AWP. The NHTSA Regional Administrator will review the 141/2 safety standard areas for which NHTSA is responsible and the FHWA Division Administrator will review the 31/2 safety standard areas for which FHWA is responsible. The narrative description for each subelement plan should contain sufficient information to identify the funds to be expended by, or for the benefit of the political subdivisions.
(b) Withhold approval of a State's AWP, as provided in Highway Safety Program Manual volume 103, chapter III, paragraph 3c, where the program does not provide at least 40 percent of Federal funds for planned local program expenditures.
(c) During the management review of the State's operations, determine if the political subdivisions had an active voice in the initiation, development and implementation of the programs for which such sums were expended.
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