23 CFR § 1270.8 - Procedures affecting States in noncompliance.

§ 1270.8 Procedures affecting States in noncompliance.

(a) Each fiscal year, each State determined to be in noncompliance with 23 U.S.C. 154 and this part will be advised of the funds reserved from apportionment under § 1270.6 in the notice of apportionments required under 23 U.S.C. 104(e), which normally occurs on October 1.

(b) Each State whose funds are reserved under § 1270.6 will be afforded 30 days from the date the funds are reserved to submit documentation showing why it is in compliance. Documentation must be submitted to the appropriate NHTSA Regional Administrator. If such documentation is provided, a reservation will remain in place on the State's affected funds while the agencies consider the information. If the agencies affirm the noncompliance determination, the State will be notified of the decision and the affected funds will be processed in accordance with the requests regarding the derivation and distribution of funds provided by the State as required by §§ 1270.6(b) and 1270.7(a).

[81 FR 67166, Sept. 30, 2016, as amended at 84 FR 2734, Feb. 8, 2019]