23 CFR 1335.11 - Application procedures.

§ 1335.11 Application procedures.
(a) A State applying for a grant under this part shall submit an original and two copies of its application to the NHTSA Regional Administrator for the Region in which the State is located.
(b) To be considered for a grant in any fiscal year, an application must be received by the agency not later than January 15 of that fiscal year.
(c) Within 30 days of being informed by NHTSA that it is eligible for a grant, a State shall submit to the agency a Program Cost Summary (HS Form 217) obligating the funds under this part to highway safety data and traffic records programs.
(d) The State shall document how it intends to use the funds under this part in the Highway Safety Plan it submits pursuant to 23 CFR 1200.
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