23 CFR 1350.5 - Application requirements.

§ 1350.5 Application requirements.
(a) No later than August 18 in fiscal year 2006 and no later than August 1 of the remaining fiscal years for which the State is seeking a grant under this part, the State must submit, through its State Highway Safety Agency, an application to the appropriate NHTSA Regional Administrator. The State's application must:
(1) Identify the criteria that it meets and satisfies the minimum requirements for those criteria under § 1350.4;
(2) For second and subsequent year grants, include the applicable criteria-specific certifications in appendix A to this part, as specified in § 1350.4; and
(3) For each fiscal year, include the general certifications in appendix B to this part.
(b) A State must submit an original and two copies of its application to the appropriate NHTSA Regional Administrator.
(c) To ensure a manageable volume of materials for the agency's review of applications, a State should not submit media samples unless specifically requested by the agency.
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