23 CFR 1350.8 - Use of grant funds.

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§ 1350.8 Use of grant funds.
(a) Eligible uses of grant funds. A State may use grant funds only for motorcyclist safety training and motorcyclist awareness programs, including—
(1) Improvements to motorcyclist safety training curricula;
(2) Improvements in program delivery of motorcycle training to both urban and rural areas, including—
(i) Procurement or repair of practice motorcycles;
(ii) Instructional materials;
(iii) Mobile training units; and
(iv) Leasing or purchasing facilities for closed-course motorcycle skill training;
(3) Measures designed to increase the recruitment or retention of motorcyclist safety training instructors; and
(4) Public awareness, public service announcements, and other outreach programs to enhance driver awareness of motorcyclists, such as the “share-the-road” safety messages developed using Share-the-Road model language required under section 2010(g) of SAFETEA-LU, Public Law 109-59.
(b) Suballocation of funds. A State that receives a grant may suballocate funds from the grant to a nonprofit organization incorporated in that State to carry out grant activities under this part.
(c) Matching requirement. The Federal share of programs funded under this part shall be 100 percent.
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