23 CFR § 646.109 - Types of coverage.

§ 646.109 Types of coverage.

(a) Coverage shall be limited to damage suffered by the railroad on account of occurrences arising out of the work of the contractor on or about the railroad right-of-way, independent of the railroad's general supervision or control, except as noted in § 646.109(b)(4).

(b) Coverage shall include:

(1) Death of or bodily injury to passengers of the railroad and employees of the railroad not covered by State workmen's compensation laws;

(2) Personal property owned by or in the care, custody or control of the railroads;

(3) The contractor, or any of his agents or employees who suffer bodily injury or death as the result of acts of the railroad or its agents, regardless of the negligence of the railroad;

(4) Negligence of only the following classes of railroad employees:

(i) Any supervisory employee of the railroad at the job site;

(ii) Any employee of the railroad while operating, attached to, or engaged on, work trains or other railroad equipment at the job site which are assigned exclusively to the contractor; or

(iii) Any employee of the railroad not within (b)(4) (i) or (ii) who is specifically loaned or assigned to the work of the contractor for prevention of accidents or protection of property, the cost of whose services is borne specifically by the contractor or governmental authority.