24 CFR § 1005.104 - What lenders are eligible for participation?

§ 1005.104 What lenders are eligible for participation?

Eligible lenders are those approved under and meeting the qualifications established in this subpart, except that loans otherwise insured or guaranteed by an agency of the United States, or made by an organization of Indians from amounts borrowed from the United States, shall not be eligible for guarantee under this part. The following lenders are deemed to be eligible under this part:

(a) Any mortgagee approved by HUD for participation in the single family mortgage insurance program under title II of the National Housing Act;

(b) Any lender whose housing loans under chapter 37 of title 38, United States Code are automatically guaranteed pursuant to section 1802(d) of such title;

(c) Any lender approved by the Department of Agriculture to make guaranteed loans for single family housing under the Housing Act of 1949;

(d) Any other lender that is supervised, approved, regulated, or insured by any other agency of the United States; or

(e) Any other lender approved by the Secretary under this part.

[63 FR 12372, Mar. 12, 1998, as amended at 63 FR 48990, Sept. 11, 1998]