24 CFR § 1007.15 - Eligible uses.

§ 1007.15 Eligible uses.

(a) In general. A loan guaranteed under this part may only be used to construct, acquire, or rehabilitate eligible housing.

(b) Construction advances. Advances made by the lender during construction are eligible if:

(1) The mortgagor and the mortgagee execute a building loan agreement, approved by HUD, setting forth the terms and conditions under which advances will be made;

(2) The advances are made only as provided in the building loan agreement;

(3) The principal amount of the mortgage is held by the mortgagee in an interest bearing account, trust, or escrow for the benefit of the mortgagor, pending advancement to the mortgagor or to his or her creditors as provided in the loan agreement; and

(4) The mortgage bears interest on the amount advanced to the mortgagor or to his or her creditors and on the amount held in an account or trust for the benefit of the mortgagor.

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