24 CFR § 17.48 - Computation of amount of award.

§ 17.48 Computation of amount of award.

(a) The amount allowed for damage to or loss of any item of property may not exceed the cost of the item (either the price paid in cash or property, or the value at the time of acquisition if not acquired by purchase or exchange); and there will be no allowance for replacement cost or for appreciation in the value of the property. Subject to these limitations, the amount allowable is either:

(1) The depreciated value, immediately prior to the loss or damage, of property lost or damaged beyond economical repair, less any salvage value; or

(2) The reasonable cost of repairs, when property is economically repairable, provided that the cost of repairs does not exceed the amount allowable under paragraph (a)(1) of this section.

(b) Depreciation in value is determined by considering the type of article involved, its cost, its condition when damaged or lost, and the time elapsed between the date of acquisition and the date of damage or loss.

(c) Replacement of lost or damaged property may be made in kind whenever appropriate.