24 CFR § 180.430 - Motions.

§ 180.430 Motions.

(a) Motions. Any application for an order or other request shall be made by a motion which, unless made during an appearance before the ALJ, shall be in writing and shall state the specific relief requested and the basis therefor. Motions made during an appearance before the ALJ shall be stated orally and made a part of the transcript. All parties shall be given a reasonable opportunity to respond to written or oral motions or requests.

(b) Responses to written motions. Within seven calendar days after a written motion is served, any party to the proceeding may file a response in support of, or in opposition to, the motion. Unless otherwise ordered by the ALJ, no further responsive documents may be filed. Failure to file a response within the response period constitutes a waiver of any objection to the granting of the motion.

(c) Oral argument. The ALJ may order oral argument on any motion.

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