24 CFR § 180.435 - Prehearing statements.

§ 180.435 Prehearing statements.

(a) Before the commencement of the hearing, the ALJ may direct the parties to file prehearing statements.

(b) The prehearing statement must state the name of the party presenting the statement and, unless otherwise directed by the ALJ, briefly set forth the following:

(1) The issues involved in the proceeding;

(2) The facts stipulated by the parties and a statement that the parties have made a good faith effort to stipulate to the greatest extent possible;

(3) The facts in dispute;

(4) The witnesses (together with a summary of the testimony expected) and exhibits to be presented at the hearing;

(5) A brief statement of applicable law;

(6) Conclusions to be drawn;

(7) Estimated time required for presentation of the party's case; and

(8) Such other information as may assist in the disposition of the proceeding.

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