24 CFR § 180.440 - Prehearing conferences.

§ 180.440 Prehearing conferences.

(a) Before the commencement of or during the course of the hearing, the ALJ may direct the parties to participate in a conference to expedite the hearing. Failure to attend a conference may constitute a waiver of all objections to the agreements reached at the conference and to any order with respect thereto.

(b) During the conference, the ALJ may dispose of any procedural matters on which he/she is authorized to rule. At the conference, the following matters may be considered:

(1) Pre-trial motions;

(2) Identification, simplification and clarification of the issues;

(3) Necessary amendments to the pleadings;

(4) Stipulations of fact and of the authenticity, accuracy, and admissibility of documents;

(5) Limitations on the number of witnesses;

(6) Negotiation, compromise, or settlement of issues;

(7) The exchange of proposed exhibits and witness lists;

(8) Matters of which official notice will be requested;

(9) Scheduling actions discussed at the conference; and

(10) Such other matters as may assist in the disposition of the proceeding.

(c) Conferences may be conducted by telephone or in person, but generally shall be conducted by telephone, unless the ALJ determines that this method is inappropriate. The ALJ shall give reasonable notice of the time, place and manner of the conference.

(d) Record of conference. Unless otherwise directed by the ALJ, the conference will not be stenographically recorded. The ALJ will reduce the actions taken at the conference to a written order or, if the conference takes place less than seven days before the beginning of the hearing, may make a statement at the hearing and on the record summarizing the actions taken at the conference.

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