24 CFR § 180.540 - Motion to compel discovery.

§ 180.540 Motion to compel discovery.

(a) If a deponent fails to answer a question propounded, or a party upon whom a discovery request has been made fails to respond adequately, objects to a request, or fails to produce documents or other inspection as requested, the discovering party may move the ALJ for an order compelling discovery in accordance with the request. The motion shall:

(1) State the nature of the request;

(2) Set forth the response or objection of the deponent or party upon whom the request was served;

(3) Present arguments supporting the motion; and

(4) Attach copies of all relevant discovery requests and responses.

(b) For the purposes of this section, an evasive or incomplete answer or response will be treated as a failure to answer or respond.

(c) In ruling on a motion under this section, the ALJ may enter an order compelling a response in accordance with the request, may issue sanctions under paragraph (d) of this section, or may enter a protective order under § 180.535.

(d) Sanctions. If a party fails to provide or permit discovery, the ALJ may take such action as is just, including but not limited to the following:

(1) Inferring that the admission, testimony, document, or other evidence would have been adverse to the party;

(2) Ordering that, for purposes of the adjudication, the matters regarding which the order was made or any other designated facts shall be taken to be established in accordance with the claim of the party obtaining the order;

(3) Prohibiting the party failing to comply with the order from introducing evidence concerning, or otherwise relying upon, documents or other evidence withheld;

(4) Ordering that the party withholding discovery not introduce into evidence, or otherwise use in the hearing, information obtained in discovery;

(5) Permitting the requesting party to introduce secondary evidence concerning the information sought;

(6) Striking any appropriate part of the pleadings or other submissions of the party failing to comply with such order; or

(7) Taking such other action as may be appropriate.