24 CFR § 203.27 - Charges, fees or discounts.

§ 203.27 Charges, fees or discounts.

(a) The mortgagee may collect from the mortgagor the following charges, fees or discounts:

(1) [Reserved]

(2) A charge to compensate the mortgagee for expenses incurred in originating and closing the loan, provided that the Commissioner may establish limitations on the amount of any such charge.

(3) Reasonable and customary amounts, but not more than the amount actually paid by the mortgagee, for any of the following items:

(i) Recording fees and recording taxes or other charges incident to recordation;

(ii) Credit Report;

(iii) Survey, if required by mortgagee or mortgagor;

(iv) Title examination; title insurance, if any;

(v) Fees paid to an appraiser or inspector approved by the Commissioner for the appraisal and inspection, if required, of the property. Notwithstanding any limitations in this paragraph (a)(3) if the mortgagee is permitted by applicable regulations to use the services of staff appraisers and inspectors for processing mortgages, and does so, the mortgagee may collect from the mortgagor the reasonable and customary amounts for such appraisals and inspections.

(vi) Such other reasonable and customary charges as may be authorized by the Commissioner.

(4) Reasonable and customary charges in the nature of discounts.

(5) Interest from the date of closing or the date on which the mortgagee disburses the mortgage proceeds to the account of the mortgagor or the mortgagor's creditors, whichever is later, to the date of the beginning of amortization.

(b)-(c) [Reserved]

(d) Before the insurance of any mortgage, the mortgagee shall furnish to the Secretary a signed statement in a form satisfactory to the Secretary listing any charge, fee or discount collected by the mortgagee from the mortgagor. All charges, fees or discounts are subject to review by the Secretary both before and after endorsement under § 203.255.

(e) Nothing in this section will be construed as prohibiting the mortgagor from dealing through a broker who does not represent the mortgagee, if he prefers to do so, and paying such compensation as is satisfactory to the mortgagor in order to obtain mortgage financing.

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