24 CFR § (ID2112429962) - § 203.371 Partial claim.

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§ 203.371 Partial claim.

(a) General. Notwithstanding the conveyance, sale or assignment requirements for payment of a claim elsewhere in this part, HUD will pay partial FHA insurance benefits to mortgagees after a period of forbearance, the maximum length of which HUD will prescribe, and in accordance with this section.

(b) Requirements. The following conditions must be met for payment of a partial claim:

(1) The mortgagor has been delinquent for at least 4 months or such other time prescribed by HUD;

(2) The amount of the arrearage has not exceeded the equivalent of 12 monthly mortgage payments;

(3) The mortgagor is able to resume making full monthly mortgage payments;

(4) The mortgagor is not financially able to make sufficient additional payments to repay the arrearage within a time frame specified by HUD;

(5) The mortgagor is not financially qualified to support monthly mortgage payments on a modified mortgage or on a refinanced mortgage in which the total arrearage is included; and

(6) The mortgagor must have made a minimum number of monthly payments as prescribed by the Secretary on a case-by-case basis.

(c) Repayment of the subordinate lien. The mortgagor must execute a mortgage in favor of HUD with terms and conditions acceptable to HUD for the amount of the partial claim under § 203.414(a). HUD may require the mortgagee to be responsible for servicing the subordinate mortgage on behalf of HUD.

(d) Application for insurance benefits. Along with the prescribed application for partial claim insurance benefits, the mortgagee shall provide HUD with the original credit instrument no later than 60 days after execution. The mortgagee shall provide HUD with the original security instrument, required by paragraph (c) of this section, no later than 6 months following the date of execution. If the mortgagee experiences a delay from the recording authority, it may request an extension of time, in writing, from HUD. If the mortgagee does not provide the original of the note and security instrument within the prescribed deadlines, the mortgagee shall be required to reimburse the amount of the claim paid, including the incentive.

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