24 CFR § 203.378 - Property condition.

§ 203.378 Property condition.

(a) Condition at time of transfer. When the property is transferred, or a mortgage is assigned to the Commissioner, the property shall be undamaged by fire, earthquake, flood, or tornado, except as set forth in this subpart.

(b) Damage to property by waste. The mortgagee shall not be liable for damage to the property by waste committed by the mortgagor, its heirs, successors or assigns in connection with mortgage insurance claims paid on or after July 2, 1968.

(c) Mortgagee responsibility. The mortgagee shall be responsible for:

(1) Damage by fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, or tornado;

(2) Damage to or destruction of security properties on which the loans are in default and which properties are vacant or abandoned, when such damage or destruction is due to the mortgagee's failure to take reasonable action to inspect, protect and preserve such properties as required by § 203.377 of this part, as to all mortgages insured on or after January 1, 1977; and

(3) As to all mortgages insured under firm commitments issued on or after November 19, 1992, or under direct endorsement processing where the credit worksheet was signed by the mortgagee's underwriter on or after November 19, 1992, any damage of whatsoever nature that the property has sustained while in the possession of the mortgage if the property is conveyed to the Secretary without notice to and approval by the Secretary as required by § 203.379 of this part.

(d) Limitation. The mortgagee's responsibility for property damage shall not exceed the amount of its insurance claim as to a particular property.

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