24 CFR § 203.552 - Fees and charges after endorsement.

§ 203.552 Fees and charges after endorsement.

(a) The mortgagee may collect reasonable and customary fees and charges from the mortgagor after insurance endorsement only as provided below. The mortgagee may collect these fees or charges from the mortgagor only to the extent that the mortgagee is not reimbursed for such fees by HUD.

(1) Late charges as set forth in § 203.25;

(2) Charges for processing or reprocessing a check returned as uncollectible; (Where bank policy permits, the mortgagee must deposit a check for collection a second time before assessing a bad check charge);

(3) Fees for processing a change of ownership of the mortgaged property;

(4) Fees and charges for arranging a substitution of liability under the mortgage in connection with the sale or transfer of the property;

(5) Charges for processing a request for credit approval of an assumptor or substitute mortgagor;

(6) Charges for substitution of a hazard insurance policy at other than the expiration of term of the existing hazard insurance policy;

(7) Charges for modification of the mortgage involving a recorded agreement for extension of term or reamortization;

(8) Fees and charges for processing a partial release of the mortgaged property;

(9) Attorney's and trustee's fees and expenses actually incurred (including the cost of appraisals pursuant to § 203.368(e) and cost of advertising pursuant to § 203.368(h)) when a case has been referred for foreclosure in accordance with the provisions of this part after a firm decision to foreclose if foreclosure is not completed because of a reinstatement of the account. (No attorney's fee may be charged for the services of the mortgagee's or servicer's staff attorney or for the services of a collection attorney other than the attorney handling the foreclosure.)

(10) The service charge provided for by § 203.23(c) and escrow charges in accordance with § 203.23(a);

(11) A trustee's fee if the security instrument in deed-of-trust states provides for payment of such a fee for execution of a satisfactory, release, or trustee's deed when the deed of trust is paid in full; and

(12) Such other reasonable and customary charges as may be authorized by the Secretary. (This shall not include:

(i) Charges for servicing activities of the mortgagee or servicer;

(ii) Fees charged by independent tax servicer organizations which contract to furnish data and information necessary for the payment of property taxes,

(iii) Satisfaction, termination, or reconveyance fees when a mortgage is paid in full (other than as provided in paragraph (a)(11) of this section), or

(iv) The fee for recordation of a satisfaction of the mortgage in states where recordation is the responsibility of the mortgagee.)

(13) Where permitted by the security instrument, attorney's fees and expenses actually incurred in the defense of any suit or legal proceeding wherein the mortgagee shall be made a party thereto by reason of the mortgage; (No attorney's fee may be charged for the services of the mortgagee's or servicer's staff attorney.)

(14) Property preservation expenses incurred pursuant to § 203.377.

(b) reasonable and customary fees must be predicated upon the actual cost of the work performed including out-of-pocket expenses. Directors of HUD Area and Insuring Offices are authorized to establish maximum fees and charges which are reasonable and customary in their areas. Except as provided in this part, no fee or charge shall be based on a percentage of either the face amount of the mortgage or the unpaid principal balance due on the mortgage.

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