24 CFR 208.112 - Cost.

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§ 208.112 Cost.

(a) The costs of the electronic transmission of the correctly formatted data, including either the purchase and maintenance of computer hardware or software, or both, the cost of contracting for those services, or the cost of centralizing the electronic transmission function, shall be considered project operating costs to be paid from project income, and considered project operating costs for the purpose of processing and approving requests for HUD approval of rent increases.

(b) At the owner's option, the cost of the computer software may include service contracts to provide maintenance or training, or both. Regardless of whether an owner obtains service contracts to provide maintenance or training or both, the software must be updated to incorporate changes or revisions in legislation, regulations, handbooks, notices or HUD electronic transmission data format requirements.

(c) The source of funds for the purchase of hardware or software, or contracting for services for electronic transmission, may include current project operating income; an expense item in processing rent increases; a loan from the Reserve for Replacement Account, or a release from the Residual Receipts Account.

(d) A loan from the Reserve for Replacements Account must be repaid within a five year period from the release date.

(e) Owners of smaller projects or partially assisted projects with few subsidized units and CAs that administer no more than one project that determine that the purchase of hardware and/or software is not cost effective may contract out the electronic data transmission function to organizations that provide such services, including, but not limited to the following organizations: local management agents, local management associations and management agents with centralized facilities. Owners of multiple projects may centralize the electronic transmission function. However, owners that contract out or centralize the electronic transmission function are required to retain the ability to monitor the day-to-day operations of the project at the project site and be able to demonstrate that ability to the relevant HUD field office.

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