24 CFR § 248.241 - Modification of existing regulatory agreements.

§ 248.241 Modification of existing regulatory agreements.

(a) If a plan of action is not approved within 300 days after initial submission, the Commissioner may, upon request of the owner and upon making a determination that the project's current use does not represent its highest and best use, modify existing regulatory agreements to -

(1) Prevent involuntary displacement of current tenants (except for good cause);

(2) Ensure that adequate expenditures will be made for maintenance and operation of the housing;

(3) Extend (subject to the availability of funds) any expiring project-based assistance on the housing for the term of the agreement;

(4) Permit an increase in the allowable distribution that could be accommodated by an increase in the rents on occupied units to a level no higher than 30 percent of the adjusted income of the tenants, as determined by the Commissioner, except that rents shall not exceed the fair market rent, and any resulting increase in rents for current tenants shall be phased in equally over a period of no less than 3 years, unless such increase is less than 10 percent; and

(5) Ensure that units becoming vacant during the term of the agreement are made available in accordance with § 248.233(d)(7) of this part.

(b) Expiration. Agreements entered into under this section shall expire on February 5, 1992, unless earlier superseded by an agreement implementing a HUD-approved plan of action. Upon such expiration of the agreement on February 5, 1992, the housing covered by the agreement shall be subject to any law then affecting low income affordability restrictions.