24 CFR § 266.205 - Ineligible projects.

§ 266.205 Ineligible projects.

The following projects and facilities are not eligible for insurance under this part:

(a) Transient housing or hotels. Rental for transient or hotel purposes. For purposes of this part, rental for transient or hotel purposes means:

(1) Rental for any period less than 30 calendar days, or

(2) Any rental, if the occupants of the housing accommodations are provided customary hotel services such as room service for food and beverages, maid service, furnishing and laundering of linens, or valet service.

(b) Projects in military impact areas. A project located in a military impact area, as determined by HUD. A military impact area is generally a small or medium size metropolitan housing market area or a remote or isolated nonmetropolitan area where:

(1) Military-connected households comprise 25 percent or more of the total households in the market area. Military-connected households include active duty military personnel, civilian employees of the military service (Department of Defense) or other Federal agency at or in support of the installation, and employees of contractors and sub-contractors directly associated with the military installation, and their dependents. Unaccompanied active duty military personnel housed in military-controlled group quarters housing (barracks, BOQ's) are excluded; and

(2) There is concern about the continued stability of the current level of military strength and mission at the installation based on public announcements from the U.S. Department of Defense or the military service of impending changes; and

(3) The complete reduction of military-connected households living in nonmilitary rental housing over a 5 year period, at an annual average decline of 20 percent, would, taking into account growth in the civilian economy and normal changes in the housing inventory, cause an adverse impact on the private rental market resulting in an increase in the rental vacancy rate in the housing market of 10 percent or more at the end of that period.

(c) Retirement service centers. Projects designed for the elderly with extensive services and luxury accommodations that provide for central kitchens and dining rooms with food service or mandatory services.

(d) Nursing homes or intermediate care facilities. Nursing homes and intermediate care facilities licensed and regulated by State or local government and providing nursing and medical care.

[59 FR 62524, Dec. 5, 1994, as amended at 85 FR 83442, Dec. 22, 2020]

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