24 CFR § 266.210 - HUD-retained review functions.

§ 266.210 HUD-retained review functions.

Certain functions are retained by the Commissioner. The HFA must submit any information or certification required by the Commissioner to permit determination of compliance with requirements concerning:

(a) Previous participation of principals. Previous participation of the principals of the mortgagor, general contractor, consultant or management agent in accordance with the Previous Participation and Clearance Review Procedures of 24 CFR 200.210 through 200.218.

(b) Intergovernmental review. Intergovernmental review of Federal programs under Executive Order 12372, as implemented in 24 CFR part 52.

(c) Subsidy layering. The Commissioner, or Housing Credit Agencies as defined by section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (26 U.S.C. 42), through such delegation as may be in effect by regulation hereafter, shall review all projects receiving tax credits and some form of HUD assistance for any excess subsidy provided to individual projects and reduce subsidy sources in accordance with outstanding guidelines.

(d) Davis-Bacon Act. The Commissioner shall obtain and provide to the HFA the appropriate U.S. Department of Labor wage rate determinations under the Davis-Bacon Act, where they apply under this part.

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