24 CFR § 290.37 - Requirements for continuing Federal rental subsidy contracts.

§ 290.37 Requirements for continuing Federal rental subsidy contracts.

For any mortgage that, at the time HUD offers the mortgage for sale without FHA mortgage insurance, is delinquent and secures a subsidized project or unsubsidized project that receives any of the forms of assistance enumerated in paragraphs (4)(i) to (4)(iv) of the “subsidized project” definition in § 290.3:

(a) The mortgage purchaser and its successors and assigns shall require the mortgagor to record a covenant running with the land as part of any loan restructuring or of a final compromise of the mortgage debt and shall include a covenant in any foreclosure deed executed in connection with the mortgage. The covenant shall continue in effect until the last federal project-based rental assistance contract expires by its own terms. The covenant shall provide that, except where otherwise approved by HUD, a project purchaser shall agree to assume the obligations of any outstanding:

(1) Project-based federal rental subsidy contract; and

(2)Tenant-based Section 8 housing assistance payments contract with a public housing agency and the related lease.

(b) In the event of foreclosure of the mortgage sold by HUD, the mortgage purchaser and its successors and assigns:

(1) Shall foreclose in a manner that does not interfere with any lease related to federal project-based assistance or any lease related to tenant-based, Section 8 housing assistance payments; and

(2) Shall foreclose in manner that ensures that the right of possession of the purchaser at a foreclosure sale shall be subject to the terms of any residential lease not subject to paragraph (b)(1) of this section for the remaining term of the lease or for one year, whichever period is shorter.

[61 FR 11685, Mar. 21, 1996, as amended at 61 FR 32265, June 21, 1996]