24 CFR § 3280.106 - Exit facilities; egress windows and devices.

§ 3280.106 Exit facilities; egress windows and devices.

(a) Every room designed expressly for sleeping purposes, unless it has an exit door (see § 3280.105), shall have at least one outside window or approved exit device which meets the requirements of § 3280.404, the “Standard for Egress Windows and Devices for Use in Manufactured Homes.”

(b) The bottom of the window opening shall not be more than 36 inches above the floor.

(c) Locks, latches, operating handles, tabs, and any other window screen or storm window devices which need to be operated in order to permit exiting, shall not be located in excess of 54 inches from the finished floor.

(d) Integral rolled-in screens shall not be permitted in an egress window unless the window is of the hinged-type.

[49 FR 58752, Dec. 18, 1975. Redesignated at 44 FR 20679, Apr. 6, 1979, as amended at 49 FR 36086, Sept. 14, 1984; 52 FR 4581, Feb. 12, 1987]