24 CFR § 3280.404 - Standard for egress windows and devices for use in manufactured homes.

§ 3280.404 Standard for egress windows and devices for use in manufactured homes.

(a) Scope and purpose. The purpose of this section is to establish the requirements for the design, construction, and installation of windows and approved devices intended to be used as an emergency exit during conditions encountered in a fire or similar disaster.

(b) Performance. Egress windows including auxiliary frame and seals, if any, shall meet all requirements of AAMA 1701.2–95, Voluntary Standard Primary Window and Sliding Glass Door for Utilization in Manufactured Housing and AAMA Standard 1704–1985, Voluntary Standard Egress Window Systems for Utilization in Manufactured Housing, except the exterior and interior pressure tests for components and cladding must be conducted at the design wind loads required by § 3280.305(c)(1).

(c) Installation.

(1) The installation of egress windows or devices shall be installed in a manner which allows for proper operation and provides protection against the elements. (See § 3280.307.)

(2) An operational check of each installed egress window or device must be made at the manufactured home factory. All egress windows and devices must be capable of being opened to the minimum required dimensions by normal operation of the window without binding or requiring the use of tools. Any window or device failing this check must be repaired or replaced. A repaired window must conform to its certification. Any repaired or replaced window or device must pass the operational check.

(3) Windows that require the removal of the sash to meet egress size requirements are prohibited.

(d) Operating instructions. Operating instructions shall be affixed to each egress window and device and carry the legend “Do Not Remove.”

(e) Certification of egress windows and devices. Egress windows and devices shall be listed in accordance with the procedures and requirements of AAMA Standard 1704–1985. As of January 17, 1995, this certification must be based on tests conducted at the design wind loads specified in § 3280.305(c)(1).

(f) Protection of egress window openings in high wind areas. For homes designed to be located in Wind Zones II and III, manufacturers shall design exterior walls surrounding the egress window openings to allow for the installation of shutters or other protective covers, such as plywood, to cover these openings. Although not required, the Department encourages manufacturers to provide the shutters or protective covers and to install receiving devices, sleeves, or anchors for fasteners to be used to secure the shutters or protective covers to the exterior walls. If the manufacturer does not provide shutters or other protective covers to cover these openings, the manufacturer must provide to the homeowner instructions for at least one method of protecting egress window openings. This method must be capable of resisting the design wind pressures specified in § 3280.305 without taking the home out of conformance with the standards in this part. These instructions must be included in the printed instructions that accompany each manufactured home. The instructions shall also indicate whether receiving devices, sleeves, or anchors, for fasteners to be used to secure the shutters or protective covers to the exterior walls, have been installed or provided by the manufacturer.

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