24 CFR § 3282.151 - Applicability and scope.

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§ 3282.151 Applicability and scope.

(a) This subpart sets out procedures to be followed when an opportunity to present views provided for in the Act is requested by an appropriate party. Section 3282.152 provides for two types of procedures that may be followed, one informal and nonadversary, and one more formal and adversary. Section 3282.152 also sets out criteria to govern which type of procedure will be followed in particular cases.

(b) The procedures of § 3282.152 also apply to:

(1) Proceedings held by the Secretary whenever the suspension or disqualification of a primary inspection agency, which has been granted final approval, is recommended under § 3282.356 of these regulations, and

(2) Resolution of disputes where an SAA or manufacturer disagrees with a determination of a DAPIA under § 3282.361 that a manufactured home design does or does not conform to the standards or that a quality assurance manual is or is not adequate with a decision by an IPIA to red tag or not to red tag or to provide or not to provide a certification label for a manufactured home under § 3282.362 when the IPIA believes that the manufactured home does or does not conform to the standards.

(c) The procedures set out in § 3282.152 shall also be followed whenever State Administrative Agencies hold Formal or Informal Presentations of Views under § 3282.309.

(d) To the extent that these regulations provide for Formal or Informal Presentations of Views for parties that would otherwise qualify for hearings under 2 CFR part 2424, the procedures of 2 CFR part 2424 shall not be available and shall not apply.

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