24 CFR § 3285.604 - Drainage system.

§ 3285.604 Drainage system.

(a) Crossovers. Multi-section homes with plumbing in more than one section require drainage system crossover connections to join all sections of the home. The crossover design requirements are located in, and must be designed in accordance with, § 3280.610 of this chapter.

(b) Assembly and support. If portions of the drainage system were shipped loose because they were necessary to join all sections of the home and designed to be located underneath the home, they must be installed and supported in accordance with § 3280.608 of this chapter.

(c) Proper slopes. Drains must be completed in accordance with § 3280.610 of this chapter.

(1) Drain lines must not slope less than one-quarter inch per foot, unless otherwise noted on the schematic diagram, as shown in Figure to § 3285.604.

(2) A slope of one-eight inch per foot may be permitted when a clean-out is installed at the upper end of the run.

(d) Testing procedures. The drainage system must be inspected and tested for leaks after completion at the site. The installation instructions must provide testing requirements that are consistent with § 3280.612 of this chapter.

Drain Pipe Slope and Connections