24 CFR § 330.15 - Participation requirements.

§ 330.15 Participation requirements.

To participate in the Multiclass Securities program, a participant must meet the following criteria:

(a)Certification. A participant must submit such certifications and other documents as are required by the Multiclass Guide.

(b)Compliance with Multiclass Guide. By completing a multiclass securities transaction, a participant is deemed to have represented and warranted to the Association that it has complied with, and that it agrees to comply with, the Multiclass Guide in effect as of the date that the Association's guaranty is placed on the securities.

(c)Material changes in status. A participant must report, as required in the Multiclass Guide, material adverse changes in status including voluntary and non-voluntary termination, defaults, fines and findings of material non-conformance with rules and policies of state and federal agencies and federal government sponsored enterprises.

(d)Integrity. The participant must conduct its business operations in accordance with industry practices, ethics and standards, and maintain its books and records in an appropriate manner, as determined by the Association.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2503-0030)