24 CFR § 35.82 - Scope and applicability.

§ 35.82 Scope and applicability.

This subpart applies to all transactions to sell or lease target housing, including subleases, with the exception of the following:

(a) Sales of target housing at foreclosure.

(b) Leases of target housing that have been found to be lead-based paint free by an inspector certified under the Federal certification program or under a federally accredited State or tribal certification program. Until a Federal certification program or federally accredited State certification program is in place within the State, inspectors shall be considered qualified to conduct an inspection for this purpose if they have received certification under any existing State or tribal inspector certification program. The lessor has the option of using the results of additional test(s) by a certified inspector to confirm or refute a prior finding.

(c) Short-term leases of 100 days or less, where no lease renewal or extension can occur.

(d) Renewals of existing leases in target housing in which the lessor has previously disclosed all information required under § 35.88 and where no new information described in § 35.88 has come into the possession of the lessor. For the purposes of this paragraph, renewal shall include both renegotiation of existing lease terms and/or ratification of a new lease.