24 CFR § 350.7 - Authority of Federal Reserve Banks as Depositories.

§ 350.7 Authority of Federal Reserve Banks as Depositories.

(a) Each Federal Reserve Bank is hereby authorized as Depository for Book-entry Ginnie Mae Securities to perform the following functions with respect to Book-entry Ginnie Mae Securities to which this part applies, in accordance with the Securities Documentation, Federal Reserve Bank Operating Circulars, this part, and procedures established by the Secretary consistent with these authorities:

(1) To service and maintain Book-entry Ginnie Mae Securities in accounts established for such purposes;

(2) To make payments with respect to such securities;

(3) To effect transfer of Book-entry Ginnie Mae Securities between Participants' Securities Accounts as directed by the Participants;

(4) To effect conversions between Book-entry Ginnie Mae Securities and Definitive Ginnie Mae Securities pursuant to the applicable Securities Documentation; and

(5) To perform such other duties as the Federal Reserve Banks as Depositories may be requested by Ginnie Mae.

(b) Each Federal Reserve Bank as Depository may issue Operating Circulars, not inconsistent with this part, governing the details of its handling of Book-entry Ginnie Mae Securities, Security Entitlements, and the operation of the book-entry system under this part.