24 CFR § 401.472 - Rehabilitation funding.

§ 401.472 Rehabilitation funding.

(a) Sources of funds -

(1) Project accounts. The Restructuring Plan for funding rehabilitation must include funds from the project's residual receipts account, surplus cash account, replacement reserve account, and other project accounts, to the extent the PAE determines that those accounts will not be needed for the initial deposit to the reserves.

(2) Debt restructuring. The Restructuring Plan may provide for funding of rehabilitation through a new first mortgage in conjunction with a payment of a section 541(b) claim. The payment of claim may be in an amount necessary to facilitate the funding of the rehabilitation, by reducing the existing first mortgage debt to make refinancing proceeds available to fund rehabilitation.

(3) Section 236(s) rehabilitation grant. The Restructuring Plan may include a direct grant from HUD under section 236(s) of the NA made in accordance with § 401.473, to the extent that HUD has determined that funding is available for such a grant.

(4) Section 8 budget authority increase. The Restructuring Plan may include funding of rehabilitation from budget authority provided to HUD for increases in section 8 contracts, to the extent that HUD has determined that funding from this source is available.

(b) Statutory restrictions. Any rehabilitation funded from the sources described in paragraph (a) of this section is subject to the requirements in section 517(c) of MAHRA for an owner contribution.

(1) Addition of significant features. With respect to significant added features, the required owner contribution will be as proposed by the PAE and approved by HUD, and not to exceed 20 percent of the total cost. Significant added features include the addition of air conditioning (including conversions from window air conditioning to central air conditioning), an elevator, or additional community space.

(2) Cap on owner contribution. If a restructuring plan includes additions other than those specified, and the PAE considers the additions significant, the PAE may propose to make those additions subject to the cap on owner contribution. In general, the owner will contribute 3 percent toward the cost of each significant addition. The PAE may propose a lower or higher owner contribution, not to exceed 20 percent, with respect to significant additions.

(3) Other rehabilitation. With respect to other rehabilitation, the required owner contribution will be calculated as 20 percent of the total cost of rehabilitation, unless HUD or the PAE determines that a higher percentage is required. The owner contribution must include a reasonable proportion (as determined by HUD) of the total cost of rehabilitation from nongovernmental resources.

(4) Cooperatives. The PAE may exempt housing cooperatives from the owner contribution requirement.

(c) Escrow agent. The Restructuring Plan must provide for progress payments for rehabilitation, which must be disbursed by an acceptable escrow agent subject to PAE oversight or as otherwise provided by HUD.

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